Sep 3, 2009

Dodging a Bullet

Sea Story securely tied to the dock at Singlar Marina in La paz. Storm clouds from advancing hurricane Jimena show up in the background, as Susan and Dennis Ross prepare the boat for the possible arrival of the catagory 4 blow.

It looked bad for awhile. Hurrican Jimena was gathering strength and heading for southern Baja. Images of past hurricane damage to the La paz area were reminders of how devastating wind and wave could be from a storm this strong - at 155 mph, it was bordering on catagory 5 wind speeds.
Luckily, the storm turned just enough to the west to spare both Cabo San Lucas and La paz any major damage. The western coast of Baja, in the region of San Juanico, got the brunt of the storm when it came ashore, but by then it had weakened considerably, and I'm hoping this remote little community - one of my favorite stops on the way north - didn't get hit too hard.
So, it's so-far-so-good with respect to hurricanes this year. Of course, it's still early.....
On the positive side, Dennis and Susan Ross, of Ross Marine, are taking good care of Sea Story during this storm season. And, that's a big relief...

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