Sep 3, 2009

Approaching Oregon

The image shows, in the foreground, a rocky outcrop in the Klamath mountain range in northern California, USA known as Castle Crags. To the right in the distance you can see en:Mount Shasta.
photo made by Bob Walker in
en:Siskiyou County, California in 1991

Wednesday, July 29
Dear family and friends,
We are still going!!! We have made it to Etna which is mile 1606!!!! It has been over 3 months and we are still in Califoria. But we are almost to Oregon, only about 100 miles to go to the border. It has been HOT but yesterday for the first time in about 6 weeks we had a hail storm and were freezing cold and wet. We were pelted by hazelnut size hail mixed with rain and within the hour Alfredo almost got clobbered by a falling tree branch and then by a large rock which was falling down the mountain. And we just happen to be on the top of an exposed section of mountain about 7000 feet. No rain fell in the valley.We just went through another nice section from Castle Craigs, Shasta-Trinity Wilderness, Trinity Alps wilderness, and the Russian Wilderness. We have had fantastic views of Mt Shasta which is the looming 14,100ft volcanic peak. Also everything is so green now and wildflowers abound, the forests are full of life and endlessly tall pines. We saw our first bear, it was a black bear, not too big, we looked at him and he looked at us. I told him we were not going to be his breakfast and kept walking. There have been many deer on the trail, sometimes just resting or looking for food, and once we just walked 15 feet behind a threesome for about 10 minutes. So yes we are still hanging in there and we are feeling good. We seem to be always hungry, I think we need to carry more food. Once we get to Oregon we may not have too many internet opportunities but will email when we can.All the best to all. Time to go eat again.
Alicia and Alfredo

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