Mar 28, 2010

Back from Cruising the Sea of Cortez

It was a choppy day with moderate winds when Moorings Charter Captain Kevin Porter took this picture of  Sea Story headed south toward the San Lorenzo channel about 50 miles north of La paz.

It was a bit cooler in the Sea of Cortez this winter, but the sailing was better than last year even if we did have to wait out a couple of northers along the way.
This time, Sea Story made it all the way north to Bahia Concepcion where we were able to anchor for a couple of days in Burro Cove, a delightful spot that is also home to Geary Ritchie, who does a daily weather forecast on the Sonrisa Single Sideband Net from his palapa right on the beach.  By "right on the beach." I really mean within spitting distance of the high water line!  Anyway, Geary's card describes him as Beach Bum Extraordinaire, and it turns out he is another ex-skydiver from Sacramento.  He's also a fellow graduate from Sac State, so we had way too much in common for just a short visit. For an interesting Baja profile, you can check out Geary and his palapa on

With Geary and our fellow cruisers, Bob and Doreen Hauff, off Scottish Mist, to watch the boat for a couple of nights, we had a chance to get into Mulege to visit Dusty and Suzie Huber in their beautiful house in the often storm damaged community.  The town was still cleaning up after major flood damage from last fall's hurricane Jimena, but luckily, Dusty and Suzie were high enough to escape any damage.

On the return trip, we negotiated with Miguel for lobsters at the anchorage at Timbibiche.  Unlike his father Manuel, who usually wants tequila, Miguel preferred a cold coke and a few pesos for the still-kicking, spiny lobsters.  Wonderful dinner on Sea Story that night....