Sep 8, 2009

Back to California

Within a week, I'll be heading back to California after spending the summer here in the midwest. The past few months have been a nice opportunity to reconnect with old friends and relatives and even do a little teaching for the Sail Away Sailing School in Minneapolis. The weather has been wonderful this year, but the trees are starting to show some fall color, so it's time to head west again. I'm already scheduled to teach a couple of classes for Tradewinds when I get back, so it's going to be interesting to now contrast that with the lake sailing I've done back here. Have to admit, I'm looking forward to getting back on San Francisco Bay again!

Haven't heard anything from Alicia or Alfredo for quite awhile now, so I'm starting to get a bit anxious about their progress on the Pacific Coast Trail. Of course, they did mention that they wouldn't have as much Internet access once they got up into Oregon, so it's probably not too surprising we haven't had more email from them...

Will try to do keep more up-to-date on the blog once I get back to northern California next week. After reading the "Summerwind" blog of cousin Holly and her husband Alan, I'm a bit shamed by my inattention to keeping this one more current. If you haven't looked at their blog (on the Links list), I heartily recommend it. They've done a great job, and it reads like a high quality travelogue. Watch out Rick Steves!

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