Jun 20, 2009

More From "Sailor" and "Pasta Alfredo"

17 May 2009
dear friends and family,

we are now in Wrightwood after 370 difficult miles in 21 days. it has been hot and mostly a waterless trail. yesterday we did a 33mile day walking from 4am to after midnight. we took a break at the interstat 15 at the mc Doanalds. onward and upward, near the San Andreas fault and toward mt san antonio at 10000ft there was no flat spot to camp so we just put the sleeping bag on the dusty trail and went to sleep. at 530am hikers were walking around me so it was time to get up and start walking up the mountain which was up to 8500ft. we were pretty exhausted so we stopped early and then hitched into town to buy more food. today is alfredos birthday and a lady at the grocery store offered her house to us. again showers laundry and food offered to us. fantastic!!!! next section is to Agua Dulce and on to the Mohave desert. hot and more dry. then onto the Sierras!!!! thats all for now.

love alicia and alfredo

Saturday, May 23
Dear friends and family,

We are now in Green Valley which is actually not far from LA. We just finished the section through the Angeles National Forest with the high mts near Wrightwood slowly working our way down to the low elevation horse country of Agua Dulce. Now this is the area where they have the most trail angels. So in Agua Dulce it was the Saufleys house. This couple has been opening up their house to hikers for 13 years and they are so organized. They have about 50 people every night and have rented tents, cots, and porto potties. Donna does all the hikers laundry and cleans up after us. There is a hiker house with kitchen and hot showers and a great Bbque. Since Alfredo is down to 131 pounds I decided that here was a good place to take the day off an eat, so I made a huge fettucini and steaks and salad and ice cream. Actually with all these hikers we are always eating. Food gets shared and passed around. This was also the place that we had to think about the high Sierras and organize for the section. There are not many places to get food after Kennedy Meadows so you either have to carry 12 days of food or kick many miles off trail and hitchhike into Bishop or Independence. Also we need a bear cannister for the bears. If anyone has one let me know.Only 24 miles away which we did yesterday, it is like we run marathons every day, we arrived to the next trail angel house, the famous Andersons. This feels more like a frat house but they have a great garden and woods in their backyard. Terri makes dinner and breakfast every day for 50 hikers!!!!Last night was taco salad with ALL YOU CAN EAT which for hungry hikers is mounds of food. I am getting a really good appitite.Next section is more desert on to Mojave or Tehachapi.

Alicia and Alfredo

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