Jun 19, 2009

The Horse Rescue

To properly appreciate this particular episode of Alicia and Alfredo's Pacific Crest Trail adventure, it helps to know that before he set off to sail around the world; Alfredo was the Italian Men's' Senior Equestrian Jumping Champion. Remarkably, that was the same year his son was the Italian Men's Junior Champion.

This email is a follow-up to the previous one, in which, Alicia didn't have time to fill us in on the particulars.. Here then, is "the rest of the story"....

hi again

I forgot to tell the horse story. or maybe I did already and I dont remember.So on the trail we met this lady riding the PCT. She had camped near us one night but left at 400am. We were on a very steep section and there was a large tree on the trail blocking her way. As she was trying to get around the tree she and the horse fell down a ravine. When she tried to get out she fell again. She was lucky not to be injured or squawished under the horse. the horse was terrorized and couldnt be moved. she ran off for help. when we came along we found only the horse and a note that she went for help. Alfredo stayed with the horse while I went after the woman to make sure she was ok. Alfredo spent 45 minutes calming the horse down and rubbing her. Then he tried to get her out but couldnt do it by himself. Soon 2 other girl hikers walked by and he recruited them to help but they didnt have force in them. The ravine was very steep with large crumbling rocks. Two more hikers came by so with their help one guy pulling the horse up and Alfredo getting the horse to move up with a whip in hand and loud commanding voice got the horse up. Then they all had to walk up the steep mountain about an hour. The lady had gone to get a helicopter resuce but since it was mothers day they said not until the following day. When she came back to the trail, she was really amazed to see her horse standing there. She was so happy. it was a happy ending.

alicia and alfredo

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