Apr 22, 2008

One More Day in San Juanico

Last night's weather report wasn't as favorable as we had hoped, so we're still here in rustic and relatively remote San Juanico. Of course, the appeal of the Scorpion Point Restaurant, Bar, Internet Cafe (see our link to their website) is hard to abandon without an encouraging report from Don Anderson, the weather guru in Ventura. We get Don's reports on the single sideband radio, and he's very good at this kind of forecasting. In fact, he's near legendary among cruisers all over this part of the Pacific coast and out as far as the Marquesas. Trouble is, we sometimes miss his forecasts because of poor reception.
In support of the "small world" concept, we had a Catalina 42 come in to share the anchorage with us yesterday. Turns out it's Final Final (that's not a typo), and I sailed on it in San Francisco about five years ago after we struck up an acquaintance with the owner at South Beach Harbor.
Right now, we're the only boats in the anchorage - two SF bay boat a long way from home...
Planning to head out to Abraejos late this evening, because Don's weather says we can probably get there before the winds come up tomorrow afternoon if we stay in close to shore. Sure glad we've got a good radar on board.
More if we have time when we get to Turtle Bay in a couple of days.
Now, if I can just get us back to the boat before we run the dink out of gas......

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Anonymous said...

Great commentary and pictures! Let Connie know that her golfing buddies are missing her, but so glad she's having a wonderful adventure!
Karen, Bob and Pat