Apr 21, 2008

Beautiful San Juanico

It's been a few miles since the last post from Mazatlan, but here we are in the little Baja town of San Juanico, between Cabo San Lucas and Turtle Bay, which is halfway up the outer side of Baja. We're here after an all-too-brief day long layover in La Paz, an overnight sail down to a quick fuel stop in Cabo San Lucas (absolutely crazy port to navigate), and an eventful motor sail up here in San Juanico.
We're currently waiting out some strong winds offshore in this nicely protected anchorage, and we're contemplating heading out this evening for a short hop up the coast to Abreojos on Bahia Ballena. Night time looks good because the wind drops off in the evening and didn't pick up until noon today. Abrejos is halfway up to Turtle Bay and gives us a better of chance of getting around Isla Cedros earlier once the offshore winds die down. Anyway, that's the plan, and we will just have to see if the conditions meet our expectations. If not, we stay here in this charming little town a bit longer, and catch a couple more meals at the Scorpion Point Bar and Restaurant, the surfer's hang-out. Turns out, this area is a surfer's dream with miles of beautiful beach and a variety of breaking surf that brings them all the way down from the States...
We did manage to re-supply our fuel tanks with 5-gal. fuel cans transported to the boat with our dinghy. We got the fuel from our friend, Antonio Camacho who has what passes for the local fuel station here in San Juanico. Should have some photos showing Antonio's place when I can get them downloaded from the camera.
We did experience some difficulty with the boat's fuel system off Magdellena Bay on the way up, but some jury rigging and a lot of cussing got us back in operation after a 6-hour shutdown; just another event in the cruising experience!
Jim and Connie are holding up well, even with the four-day stretch between showers before we got here. They also taught me how to play hearts, but I ran into a stretch of beginner's luck, and I'm not sure they're going to play with me anymore...

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