Feb 13, 2012

Entertainment in La paz

People are always curious about what we do for the six months we spend down here in Mexico every winter.  Here are a couple of highlights from the season to date:

Not long ago, we had a chance to get close-up and personal with John Davidson, the singer/actor/ TV personality who, among other things, used to host Hollywood Squares. John's son and daughter-in-law have opened up a small restaurant here in La paz, and he put on a couple of benefit performances on their patio for audiences limited to thirty people. John's a very  funny and personable guy who still has a great set of pipes. His hour and a half gigs really were excellent entertainment and you couldn't beat the intimacy of the setting.

A French couple, who happen to be ex-performers from Cirque de Soleil, put on a spectacular show in the rigging of their boat for fellow cruisers in Marina Palmira.  Their performance drew a couple of hundred people, and they didn't even have to warn us "not to try this at home!" 

Mary Lee playing and singing with 7 Clouds, a local jazz band performing at La Encantada, our favorite Art Gallery/Wine Bar here in La paz. 

We brought our own pole-dancers! A wild night at Tailhunters, a self described "dishing and frinking establishment," where Laura and the Baja Boys play rock favorites on Friday nights.  With only a bit of encouragement, our ladies took the initiative to start a pole dancing mania that entertained the band as much as it did  the rest of us...


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Summer Wind said...

Jerry, we had a Greek boat do a circus show this past summer (see blog post "Greece Update", July 2nd). I thought it was unique, but apparently not. We head back to Sicily at the end of the month. Hopefully it will be starting to warm up.