Nov 14, 2009

Heading South

It's getting to be that time again. The days are shorter, the sun is more elusive, and northern California looks less inviting each day. It's time to get back to La paz and put the sails back on Sea Story.
Tomorrow, I'm turning my trusty old Plymouth mini-van south to San Diego for a couple of days of last-stop shopping before we cross the border and brave a the trip down Baja. Have to admit, it's more appealing to look at covering fifty knots per hour instead of the five knots that Sea Story averages, but I'll miss the long night passages that are such an attitude adjusting part of the sailing trip. No sane person drives at night on Mexican highways, so no night watches for the van trip!
Just got word that Alicia and Alfredo have already splashed On Verra in Guaymas so I'll be looking for them to arrive in La paz before Christmas. Can't wait to get the back-story on their epic hike up the Pacific Crest Trail...
The next post will provide some information in the Sea of Cortez charter trip I'm putting together in March... There are still openings left, so don't miss it if you think you might want to sign on....

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