Dec 21, 2008

Our Hardy Crew

Left to right, front row: Connie LaBounty, Will Fredrickson; back row: Derek Stroening, Jennifer Goodrich, Bryan Saulsbury and Ian Joseph.

A rainy Sunday discouraged us from sailing, but still provided an opportunity to orient our California coastal crew aboard Sea Story. Will and Ian will help Connie and I get to Santa Barbara. Derek, Jennifer and Bryan will get us from there to San Diego.

Weather permitting, we will be heading out under the Golden Gate at slack tide, 8:00AM on Monday, the 29th. That should get us into Santa Barbara late on the New Year's Eve, unless we overnight at some port or anchorage along the way. Tradewinds designated driver, Brandy, will bring Jennifer, Derek, and Bryan down on the 2nd and take Will and Ian back with her. With a stop off at Catalina, we should make it to San Diego by the 5th.

So, everything is lining up for an excellent trip down the coast. All we need now is for the weather to get out of this long, cold, wet phase and give us a couple of consecutive days of sunshine for a change!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry...

Glad to see you're still sailing. I just returned to SF Bay Area after failing to get a Fall delivery south on East Coast for first time in 11 years!
Several boats have canceled their southbound passages...likely due to economy.
Nice site...I bookmarked it a year or so ago after I saw you in Nuevo Puerto Vallarta. Just checking out my bookmarks and see you are sailing next week. Have a great passage.
Regards, Ray Catlette