Mar 5, 2012


Cleaning a clogged diesel fuel filter bowl on a nice Sunday afternoon at the dock.  Usually this happens at sea, in rough weather at 0300 hours.  Managed to catch a break this time...

I once thought nothing could be a bigger pain in the ass than owning and maintaining an airplane. 

I was wrong. 

None of my airplanes had plumbing systems, electrical systems operating in a salt water environment, or diesel fuel systems, ultra-sensitive to line leaks and algae growth.

So now I find myself continually re-educated and doing maintenance chores far beyond anything I could have imagined for someone who once was challenged by simply changing oil in my car.  Not sure if this is progress, but it does keep me busy and more knowledgeable about the inner workings of my floating home.  Of course, it also reduces my maintenance costs - most of the time.  Once in a while, the opposite happens, and I have to hire an expert to fix something I buggered up beyond my ability to correct. Fortunately, that seems to be happening less and less as time goes on, so this not-so-glamorous side of boat ownership has just become part of the experience down here in La paz.

Just letting you all know it's not all sunshine and pina coladas every day!

Like most old skydivers, I really don't like being this high without a parachute, so I'm hanging onto everything I can!

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